Sprayplaster DP (Basecoat)

Sprayplaster DP Basecoat is a polymer enhanced sprayable cementitious plaster which is used as a basecoat plaster for the Terraco Sprayplaster system.

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Sprayplaster Basecoat DP is a polymer enhanced sprayable cementitious plaster which is used as a basecoat plaster for the Terraco Sprayplaster system. It only requires simple mixing with water and is suitable for thickness’ of 8-20mm.

Đặc tính

Sprayplaster Basecoat DP is a sprayable polymer modified plaster with the following properties:

  • Excellent workability
  • Excellent adhesion to difficult substrates
  • Crack-free finish
  • High speed finishing system
  • Vapour permeable system
  • Low density lightweight system

Khu vực sử dụng

Sprayplaster Basecoat DP is recommended where average plaster thickness will exceed 8 –  10 mm of base plaster. Sprayplaster Basecoat DP is suitable for plastering all commonly prevalent cementitious substrates in buildings. It is suitable for application over both external and internal areas (including wet areas).

Phương pháp thi công

Preparation of surface:

Ensure that dust, dirt and foreign matter are brushed away. Remove any ridges and traces of form oil, release agents or curing agents. Mask off any area not to be covered. Glass fibre mesh is used to reinforce block/concrete interfaces. Micro angle beads should be used to reinforce corners. Terraco Keybond should be used as a key-coat on cast-in-situ and other fair faced concrete prior to application of Sprayplaster Basecoat DP.

Terrabond A mixed 1:5 with clean water should be applied on AAC/ALC blockwork prior to application of Sprayplaster Basecoat DP.

Mixing Instructions:

Mix Sprayplaster Basecoat DP with water at a rate of one 25kg bag of Sprayplaster Basecoat DP with 4.5-5ltr of clean water.

Application and cleaning of tools:

Pre-wet substrate (except AAC/ALC) prior to application of system. Spray apply the mix using Sprayplaster machine to required thickness – generally an average thickness up to 15 mm, thereafter, level to smooth even surface using levelling board.

Note, if applied thickness exceeds 20 mm, shrink cracking in plaster may occur. It is always recommended that areas where required thickness will exceed 20mm, two coats of Sprayplaster Basecoat DP be applied. In such cases, the first coat should be applied to about 15mm thickness and left with a scratched finish to provide a key for subsequent coat.

The second coat should be applied only after the first coat has dried –normally 24 hours.

The total thickness of two coats should however, not exceed 30mm. Finish internal surfaces with one or two coats of Sprayplaster Finishcoat. Use mixed materials within one hour of mixing.

Clean tools and equipment with water after use.

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