A one coat coloured mineral plaster finished with a scratch trowel.

Phương pháp thi công: Phun

Tổng quan sản phẩm

Ideal for creating that natural, earthy charm, where a building has an aged look from a past era.

Monocote is of interest to architects and interior designers where a particular themed architectural style is required. Furthermore, the appeal to builders is that this superior quality, coloured mineral based plaster is applied in a single coat.

The textured appearance is created by the applicator removing the top layer using a scratch trowel once the material has partly set, which exposes the natural aggregate. As the product is a full-bodied pigmented coating it does not require a top coat.

Đặc tính

• A plastering and finishing system in one operation.
• Extremely stable against UV light.
• Good mechanical strength.
• Vapour permeable.

Khu vực sử dụng

• Ideally suited to heritage styled residential apartments.
• Can be applied directly to clay brick, AAC block, precast concrete, in-situ concrete and stone.
• Ideal for creating a natural aged look for a Souk or theme park.
• Applied by trowel.

Phương pháp thi công

Prepare substrate by removing all loose and friable matter. Stop and fill where necessary. Ensure that the surface is clean, dry and sound.

New Work
For AAC blocks: Apply 1 coat of Terraco P Primer to absorbent surfaces. Apply Terraco Monocote to colour and texture as per architecturally approved sample.
For precast or in-situ concrete: Apply a key coat as per manufacturer’s instructions. Apply Terraco Monocote to colour and texture as per architecturally approved sample.

Protect all adjacent areas not to be covered. All cracks, chips, voids and damages should be repaired with an appropriate filler. Prepare by removing all loose and flaking paint, grease, dirt and grime. Where necessary prime exposed areas appropriately. Proceed as for new work.

Các sản phẩm

Product Name Product Code
Terol Ultra 1mm 71229
Terol Ultra 1.5mm 71230
Terol Ultra 2mm 71231