Highly concentrated acrylic bonding agent

Phân loại: Gốc acrylic

Tổng quan sản phẩm

Ecobond™ is a water based adhesive designed for fixing glass fibre textile wall coverings. It is a low VOC system which adheres well to most absorbent construction substrates such as gypsum board, plywood, plaster or previously painted surfaces.

Ecobond™ is specially formulated without the use of solvents, formaldehyde or any other harmful chemical.

Đặc tính

Ecobond is a high quality vinyl based adhesive especially designed for use with Terratex wall fabrics. It has the following properties:

  • Solvent free compound
  • Low VOC system
  • Easy to use
  • Good bond strength
  • Water clean-up

Khu vực sử dụng

  • Suitable for use with a variety of wall coverings.
  • Especially designed for use with Terratex glass textile wall coverings.

Phương pháp thi công

Preparation of surface:

Ensure that all dust, dirt and foreign matter are brushed and scraped from the surface on which the wall covering is to be applied. Also ensure the wall is free from salts, oil, grease and ridges, and protect all adjacent surfaces not to be covered. All cracks, chips, voids and damages should be repaired with Handycoat.

Application and cleaning of tools:

Apply to the surface to which the textile is to be bonded, using a suitable roller or brush. Whilst the adhesive is still wet apply the textile to the adhesive surface and smooth to ensure a good finish.

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Ecobond 69190