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Stucco Vintage™ is a distinctive range of sleek, modern, designer wall and floor finishes which stylishly replicate the appearance of exposed concrete.

A popular trend today amongst architects and interior designers is to create a stripped back, wow-factor look using exposed concrete, tarnished steel and natural wood elements in their designs Stucco Vintage uses a colour palette of various shades of light to dark grey and charcoal colours, which replicate the effect these professionals are seeking.

Areas of Use:
– Food courts
– Cafes, coffee shops and bars
– Retail spaces and commercial offices
– Over non-porous floors – ceramic tiles and epoxy coatings

Stucco Vintage Venezia is used to replicate exposed concrete for interior walls. It is available as a ready-mixed product in 3 shades.

Stucco Vintage Roma and G300 are used to replicate exposed / off-shutter concrete for exterior walls. It is available as a ready-mixed product in 4 shades.

Stucco Vintage G200, G300 and T200 are unique exposed concrete appearing floor coating available in a range of bespoke colours.

Terraco Stucco Vintage – the next generation of wall and floor finishes.

Please contact your Terraco representative for further technical assistance.

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Architectural Coatings & Finishes Brochure

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Stucco Vintage Brochure

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