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Terraco’s clear and pigmented range of topcoats will further enhance and protect Terraco’s uniquely formulated architectural coatings, ensuring that these long life coatings are kept pristine for longer in some of today’s polluted environments. These topcoats are ideal for over coating newly applied Terracoat Textured Coatings,

Terralite Stone Coatings and other Terol mineral based renders, as well as when upgrading and rejuvenating an existing building coated in these type of products.

This topcoat range offers conventional pure acrylic, clear and pigmented topcoats, such as Terracoat Topcoat and Terrashine. Ideally suited to large scale projects where a topcoat is required over non pigmented Terracoat and Terol mineral based renders, Terracoat Stain is a low profile pigmented topcoat which imparts colour to the surface with minimum film build, thereby allowing the original textured appearance to be maintained. The surface contamination protection topcoat, Kode 10, uses a novel flouro-acrylic polymer to reate the hydrophobic effect, to prevent the ingress of waterborne contaminates that cause discolouration.

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