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Terraco offers a comprehensive range of jointing, skimming and surface preparation products, adapted to meet the varying requirements of plastering and painting contractors, as each product type is formulated with different performance properties.

These surface preparation products are available as ready-mix products, the Handycoat range, or as dry-mix products, the Handymix range. The Handycoat products are available as either Low VOC or as Ultra Low VOC products. Ultra Low VOC products are marked with the EcoLife symbol. Read more on EcoLife.

Handycoat® – Skimming and Jointing Compounds (Ready-mix)
A market leading brand. Gypsum based plaster board is today one of the dominant construction materials for light weight structures in homes and commercial premises. Handycoat products are ideally suited as a gypsum board jointing compound and as a skimcoat on walls and ceilings. Handycoat Lite is the light weight version of the original Handycoat® products – 30% lighter! A highly versatile range – used by plasterers and painters for patching hairline cracks, repairing damage to plaster and paint work, filling nail holes in wood work, for making good around door and window architraves and for filling along the top of skirting boards – to name but a few popular usage areas. Handycoat products are easy to sand and are designed to reduce the amount of dust suspended in the air.

Handymix™ – Skimcoats (Dry-mix)
Skimcoat and repair compounds used for filling fine cracks and surface defects in lightweight concrete, fairfaced dense concrete, blockwork and brickwork. They are suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces providing a hard, smooth water-resistant finish.