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Terraco offers a range of versatile and specialised waterproofing products including two component hydraulic/acrylic waterproofing products, roof waterproofing products, water repellents, and additives to waterproof mortars and other cementitious materials.

Waterproofing Products - Two component hydraulic/acrylic waterproofing products
A versatile, permanent, positive pressure, waterproofing system for roofs, facades, water tanks, foundations and more. The system will adhere to new and old surfaces of concrete, bitumen, and tiles. Used in extreme climatic conditions, Weathercoat has long-life flexibility. It is applied by brush or spray and after drying can be walked upon uncovered. After application, Weathercoat has high resistance to chemical attack, atmospheric pollution and UV light. These products are used across the globe in a wide range of applications including wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens to balconies, swimming pools and potable water tanks and much more. 

An economical, positive pressure, two pack acrylic waterproofing coating which is an effective barrier to water and inhibits the passage of salts and CO₂gas. This product is suitable for general concrete repair, roof coating, foundation protection, pile heads, and the protection of concrete from sea water. 

Roofing - Ready-mixed waterproofing compounds for roofs
It is a ready-mix, flexible, seamless, positive pressure, waterproofing roofing compound. This product is used on roofs across the globe – consistently performing in the most demanding conditions, including the monsoon areas of the world.

FlexicoatTM Thermo
A ready-mixed, elastomeric, flexible, seamless, positive pressure, waterproofing roofing compound which provides heat  reflective and insulation properties.

Water Repellent
Silcoat WBTM 
A technologically advanced, water borne water repellent for use on exterior masonry and other mineral based surfaces.

Technologically advanced, waterproofing additives used to waterproof mortars and other cementitious materials as well as act as a waterproofing compound. 

Guaranteed to last, these products are backed by Terraco’s international quality guarantee.

For further technical assistance, please contact your nearest Terraco representative or for more product specific and technical data information please refer to your regional website.

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