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Terracoat Stone

Stone simulation coatings have their own distinctive style created by using natural graded stone encapsulated in a clear resin binder - a practical alternative to marble or granite.

Inspired by the timeless beauty of granite and marble this range of decorative coatings provides long term resilience and strength. Due to the nature of the product, it also provides a hard wearing protection to the substrate.

These products are used both internally and externally, depending upon the design detail the architect wishes to accentuate. Available in an extensive range of natural colours, these products are often used as part of the Terraco EIF system, or as a standalone long-life decorative coating applied onto cement plasters walls, concrete columns, feature walls made of gypsum board, and many other substrates. Read more on Terraco EIFS.

The product range consists of:
Terracoat™ Stone is a stone effect exterior acrylic coating with excellent weather resistant properties. Terracoat™ Stone is designed to be applied by spray and gives the appearance of "hammer finished granite". Terracoat Stone is available in a range of attractive shades.

Terralite™ is a range of granular marble coatings, exhibiting remarkable weather resistant properties. It is designed primarily for exterior surfaces, to satisfy the most demanding architectural requirements. Terralite is supplied as a ready-mixed product, in a range of attractive multi-colour finishes, in two grain sizes.

Terralite™ Granite is a spray applied stone effect exterior acrylic render used to simulate natural granite which has excellent weather resistant properties. Terralite Granite is available in a range of attractive granite stone finishes.

To improve dirt resistance while maintaining original texture profile a clear top coat can be also be used –Terracoat™ Topcoat or Kode 8 (Nano Technology). 

Guaranteed to last, these products are backed by Terraco’s international quality guarantee.

To assist you with the specific benefits relating to each product please refer to the Quick Guide under Product Information. 

For any further technical assistance, please contact your nearest Terraco representative or for more product specific and technical data information, please refer to your regional website.

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