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Terraco offers a comprehensive range of primers for use in conjunction with the various finishing systems we offer.

Any finishing coating is as good as the substrate onto which it is being applied. Most substrates, be they a wall, floor, or ceiling, require preparation to remove all loose and friable matter and /or contaminants before applying the finishing system.

Primers traditionally perform the function of bonding the substrate together and / or improving the adhesion of the finishing system to the substrate. Different types of performance enhancing primers are formulated to adhere to different types of substrates and to perform in diverse sets of conditions. Some of these products are produced as either a Low VOC or an Ultra Low VOC product. Ultra Low VOC products are marked with the EcoLife symbol. Read more on EcoLife.

Terraco’s extensive range of primers includes:

   • General Purpose Primer Grades
   • Product Specific Primer Grades
   • Substrate Specific Primer Grades

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