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Forming part of the extensive range of construction finishing materials offered by Terraco is the EpirokEpoxy Floor Coatings and a high performance car park flooring system with excellent resistance to abrasion and chemical attack known as DiamondCoat.

Epirok™ - Epoxy Floor Coatings  

Epirok™ is ideally suited for use on suitably prepared concrete floors in a variety of demanding applications such as:

• Workshops • Car Parks • Cold storage and food processing facilities • Showrooms • Assembly Halls
• Warehouses • Aircraft Hangers • Industrial Plants • Engineering Workshops • Heavy traffic areas

The Epirok™ floor coating range is solvent free and is available in a gloss or non-slip finish. It further reduces maintenance costs as it is easy to clean, hygienic, hard wearing, with excellent abrasion and impact resistance and mechanical strength. 

The range consists of: 
Eprok EP1 Primer
A versatile two-component, solvent free epoxy primer that is suitable in the most adverse conditions, e.g. cold, hot or humid conditions. Due to its unique formulation and composition Terraco Epirok EP1 has excellent adhesion and penetration properties. 

Epirok RC 2-k 
Two component, solvent free, epoxy based repair compound designed for filling of cracks up to 5mm wide, repairs of blow holes and damaged concrete and as a levelling scraper coat.

Epirok HDS
Three component, solvent free, epoxy screed system, applied manually from 6mm to 9mm. Terraco Epirok HDS is designed to protect concrete against wear and abrasion, while still providing an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Epirok HBC
A hard wearing, abrasion and chemical resistant epoxy based coating ideally suited for application on floors requiring a durable, hygienic and aesthetic gloss finish or a non-slip finish system. Terraco Epirok HBC is available in 16 standard colours. 

Epirok CPC 
A hard wearing and abrasion resistant epoxy based coating ideally suited for application on floors requiring a fine, medium or standard non-slip, durable and aesthetic finish. Terraco Epirok CPC is available in 16 standard colours.

Epirok SLS 
It is a solvent free, self-levelling, three component, 2 – 3mm epoxy screed with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance, ideally suited for areas where hygiene and ease of cleaning is of importance.

™ - Acrylic Floor Products

DiamondCoat is a high quality water based floor paint suitable for use in car parks and other light industry applications. This Terraco flooring product is environmentally friendly, easy to use, easy to maintain, and provides outstanding long-term value.

DiamondCoat is an acrylic water borne floor coating based on a new generation of hydrophobic polymers. It has excellent hot tyre pick-up resistance and is ideally suited for application on garage and light industry floors. The ultra fine particle size allows the product to be used as its own primer. The product has a self crosslinking mechanism which imparts excellent block and chemical resistance to the coating film. The product is available in a range of attractive colours and is suited for both interior and exterior applications. DiamondCoat is available in matt or mid-sheen.

For any further technical assistance, please contact the Terraco representative closest to you or for more product specific and technical data information please refer to your regional website

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