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Terraco’s high quality exterior paints are all water-based and environmentally friendly, low VOC and low odour - produced using the latest paint technology.

Terraco exterior paints cover most requirements in the construction industry ranging from the domestic to industrial and commercial applications. Terraco paints provide unbeatable long-term value and superior ageing characteristics and are available in a wide range of aesthetically pleasing colours. 

The range includes well known products, such as:

A superior quality, flat, exterior masonry paint based on silicone polymers which provide the coating with excellent dirt pick-up resistance and water repellence. 

An acrylic based topcoat range available in a variety of grades designed for exterior facade coating. It has good dirt pick-up resistance as it forms a tough hydrophobic film when dry. Terrashine is designed as a topcoat for various Terraco coating systems, such as Terrabontile Exterior, Supertex Basecoat and Terracoat textured coatings. Terrashine is available in a range of attractive colours. 

A mid-sheen elastomeric masonry paint with excellent weathering properties and an ability to bridge cracks unlike conventional masonry coatings, it maintains flexibility over a wide range of temperatures making it suitable for use in extreme climatic conditions. It is based on an advanced, cross-linking acrylic polymer which allows it to form a low-tack surface that simultaneously provides the coating with excellent dirt pick-up resistance and flexibility. Flexishield is available in a standard range of colours.

To assist you with the specific benefits relating to each product please refer to the Quick Guide under Product Information.  

Guaranteed to last, these products are backed by Terraco’s international quality guarantee.

For any further technical assistance, please contact your nearest Terraco representative or for more product specific and technical data information, please refer to your regional website.

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