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 An Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS) can be defined as an energy efficient thermal wrapping applied to the exterior surfaces of a building. This thermal wrapping is then finished with a long-life, decorative and protective coating system. 

Terraco EIFS has been developed, tried and tested for use in both hot and cold climates and is proven to substantially reduce heating or cooling costs as well as allow for the use of lower specification heating or cooling systems.

                                         Where your home loses heat in cold climates

Terraco EIFS is currently in use in some of the most extreme climates on the planet – and is performing in temperatures ranging from +50°C to -60°C - year in, year out.

Terraco EIFS is an energy efficient system and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The versatility of Terraco EIFS makes it ideal to use on new buildings as well as renovation projects. As it is applied as an exterior system, it is highly suitable for upgrading older buildings to reduce operating costs while giving a new attractive finish.

The main three Terraco EIF systems are: 
Terraco EIFS Alpha                Uses expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulating boards
Terraco EIFS Polar                 Uses extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulating boards
Terraco EIFS Perma               Uses mineral wool (MW) insulating boards

           EPS           EPS Graphite Enhanced            XPS                            MW

International System Certification 
Terraco EIFS is internationally certified and tested for use:
• EOTA (European Technical Approval) – ETAG 004 (# ETA-09/0384 EN)
• FED (US ARMY) compliant (# 09-06-M0149)
• Russian National Standard Technical Certificate (# 2975-10)
• Romanian National Institute (INCERC) 001-04/1251-2010
• Turkish Standard TSE (TS EN 13499, TS EN 13500)
• Estidama (Abu Dhabi) compliant
• Dubai Municipality (DM) (# 102)
• P.R. China Certified System JG149-2003 (# 20102D 00884)
• Irish Agrément Board Certficate No. 12/0370

Technical Drawings - see Product Information

Terraco EIFS Application Video - see Product Information.
System Components

A standard Terraco EIFS specification consists of the following components:

• Insulation Board
   For U-Value calculations please refer to the Quick Guide U-Value reference table under
   Product Information. 

 • System Profiles

            Groove Bead                     Movement Bead

 • Mechanical Fasteners

     Fastener with steel expansion pin 

 • Reinforcing Glass Fibre Mesh    

Technical Properties
Product                    Glass Fiber Mesh E Glass                           
Weave  Leno
Mesh Spacing   3.5 x 4.0mm
 Standard Width  1000mm ±10mm
 Standard Length  
 Finished Product Weight  161 g/m² ±10 DIN 53854
 Tensile Strength  ≥ 2000 N/5cm DIN EN ISO 13934-1
 Elongation ≤ 3.9 DIN EN ISO 13934-1 
 Tear Resistance  High
 Alkali Resistance  High



• Styrofix (Adhesive)

Styrofix is a polymer modified dry-mix adhesive in the Terraco EIF System. Styrofix is user friendly and factory mixed, improving on-site quality control and promoting excellent adhesion between various substrates and the insulation boards.

• Styrobond DP (Basecoat)

Styrobond DP is a polymer modified drymix basecoat, applied over the insulation boards, which gives the system impact resistance and flexibility. The reinforcing glass fibre mesh is embedded into Styrobond DP prior to application of finish coats.
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• Primers 

Terraco offers a comprehensive range of primers for use with Terraco EIFS and these include P Primer Pigmented, P Primer Clear, P Primer Textured and Silprime

• Decorative Finishes 

Terraco offers an extensive range of protective and decorative architectural coatings with which to finish and decorate Terraco EIFS. The ready-mixed products incorporate the latest technology in acrylic, silicone and elastomeric resins and are designed to outlast conventional paint systems and to protect substrates under a variety of harsh conditions – searing desert heat, hot humid tropical climates and arctic winters.

These premium quality textured coatings are tough and durable, UV resistant, offer outstanding flexibility and enable the substrate to breathe.  Formulated to last – these products  are the specifiers’ preferred choice - offering long life and value. These products are backed by Terraco’s International Quality Guarantee. 

Teraco’s popular decorative coatings used as the decorative finish for Terraco EIFS include:

Terracoat Textured Coatings
Ready-mixed acrylic textured coatings that perform.
     Terracoat Sil
      Siliconised products with outstanding  dirt pick-up resistanceand allow substrate to breathe.
     Terracoat Flex
 Elastomeric products which give superior flexibility, easily bridging minor crack. 
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 Stone Coatings 
Ready-mixed natural stone simulation renders for the connoisseur. 
A granular marble coating in a range of attractive multi-colour finishesin two grain sizes.
      Terralite Granite
Natural granite simulation.
       Terracoat Stone  
     Used to create the appearance of "hammer finished granite".
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Mineral Based Coatings
Drymix products that perform and are easy to use - long lasting.
Quality, decorative, Tyrolean rendering. Available in a variety of textured finishes.
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• Topcoats

When enhanced dirt pick-up resistance is required Terraco has the perfect solution and offers its range of specially formulated top coats to enhance the lifetime and clarity of Terracoat and Stone Coatings decorative finishes.

Terracoat Topcoat Goss, Terracoat Tpocoat Matt, Kode 8 are used as clear top coats for acrylic based coatings.  While a specifically formulated elastomeric pigmented top coat is used as a topcoat for Terol.

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