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Terraco’s Designer Collection is a range of luxurious, novel and striking decorative finishes. Developed for the connoisseur, these products include highly decorative polished plasters as well as attractive antique style finishes, fresco effects, marble-like textures and texturing compounds. Terraco’s Designer Collection are suitable for a wide range of applications including hotels, high-end residences,  commercial centres, retail shops, restaurants and more.

This versatile and attractive range of high-end decorative finishes was created specifically to assist interior designers to bring their visions to life and is limited only by your imagination and creativity.

Terraco’s Designer Collection has been developed with ease of use in mind - without compromising on the finish – and gives even a novice applicator the opportunity to become a true artisan. The range consists of the following products: 
• HandytexTM a superior, ready-mixed texturing compound;
• FrescoTM a translucent colour-wash;
• Antique StuccoTM an acrylic based antique stucco;
• IpekcyTM a two- tone paint effect;
• Velvet-TexTM a luxurious, antique effect, metallic sheen, velvet finish;
• ArmoniTM a pearlescent pigmented topcoat;
• HandyplusTM a semi-transparent glaze coat used over existing coatings;
• MarbleCoatTM a smooth highly polished marble effect coating;
• TerravertineTM a lime-based natural plaster;
• Sardinia BrushTM a protective and decorative contemporary, sandy texture coating;
• MarmorinoTM a ready-mixed, lime-based Venetian stucco;
• Suede a high build, seamless acrylic-based coating;
 MatisseTM an exciting range of coloured flecks in a hard wearing acrylic bound matrix.

While each decorative interior wall coating has its own particular formulation and benefits, every product in the Designer Collection has its own unmistakable appearance, inspired by several generations of architects and designers who turn to Terraco products for inspiration, innovation and creativity.

Other interior wall coatings forming part of this range of interior textured finishes are:  
• InteriorTexTMnapplied in various ways from a free-style spatula finish to a roller pattern;
• TerrabontileTM applied by hopper gun to give a bubble texture spray pattern.

Most of these products are specially formulated without the use of solvents, formaldehyde and other harmful chemical and are part of the Terraco EcoLife product group. Read more on EcoLife.

For any further technical assistance, please contact your Terraco representative or refer to your Terraco regional website.

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