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Terraco produces a range of bonding agents to pre-treat substrates as an adhesion promoting agent for decorative top coats and other products. These products cater to most requirements in the construction and finishing industry and  have been developed to deliver the required results – without compromise.

Terrabond ATM is an extremely versatile bonding agent for use with all types of cementitious materials, lime washes, plasters etc. It can be used to pre-treat substrates as an adhesion-promoting agent and as a primer/sealer for decorative coatings. Terrabond A is a highly concentrated and economical-to-use product, specifically developed for the most demanding situations. It increases the compressive, tensile and flexural strengths of mortars and reduces the water/cement ratio. Terrabond A can be used with confidence on all exterior and interior surfaces.

Terrabond SBRTM is a versatile bonding agent and admixture for use with cementitious materials. It is used to improve adhesion and strength of cementitious compounds. It is also widely used to enhance the waterproof properties of mortars and slurries. Terrabond SBR is very economical in use. 

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