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Terraco offers a system of unique high-performance acoustic plasters for ceilings, which are highly versatile, environmentally friendly, and non-combustible. Introducing Terraco Ambient™.

Terraco Ambient™ comes in a variety of aesthetically pleasing finishes with unique sound controlling properties. The system is used in a wide range of settings such as theatres, opera houses, reception areas, hotel lobbies, class rooms, lecture halls but is also suitable for domestic applications. 

Terraco Ambient™ is available as standard and EcoLife, and consists of the following products: 
Ambient Adhesive 
Used for fixing sound absorption panels in Terraco Ambient. These products show excellent adhesion between most substrates and mineral wool / glass fibre panels. Ambient Adhesive is available as a dry powder or paste in regular or EcoLife version. 

Ambient Primer 
An adhesion promoting primer for application on masonry and other construction substrates prior to application of Terraco Ambient. Due to its unique combination of ingredients it acts to stabilise the substrate and also provides a mechanical key for subsequent coats. It is an EcoLife product.

Ambient™ Basecoat 
A spray applied base-coat acoustic plastering compound, for use as part of Terraco Ambient.

Ambient™ Finishcoat  
A spray applied finish-coat acoustic plastering compound, for use as part of Terraco Ambient.

Read more on Terraco EcoLife.

Terraco Ambient™ can be used in several ways to achieve different acoustical effects according to the requirement of the building in question. Combinations with sound boards, suspended ceilings and others are common.


Ambient™ Acoustic Systems have been used on numerous prestigious projects throughout the world, namely:
• King Abdulla University Hospital - Amman, Jordan
• Hyatt Regency - Istanbul, Turkey
• Ata Tower – Ankara, Turkey
• White House – Moscow, Russia
• Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Seoul, Korea
• Bank of England - London, UK *
• Mandarin Oriental Hotel  – Knightsbridge, UK*
• Ashmolean Museum – Oxford, UK*
• American School – London, UK*
• Queen Mary University – London, UK*                   
                                                              * Projects applied by Pacy and Wheatley UK.

Test results for sound absorption in a reverberation room from the Korean Institute of Construction Technology (Certificate No. 0601-0073) can be viewed in Product Information - Certification.

Ambient can be applied in a few different ways to achieve different acoustical effects according to the sound reduction requirements.

Terraco Ambient is traditionally applied using Ambient Basecoat and Finishcoat when being appied to conventional a ceiling. In some instances Terraco Ambient Finishcoat is sprayed directly on to the prepared fibre board in two coats, each of 1mm depth.

      Spray Application onto fibre boards

The finished Terraco Ambient surface can be textured (shown here) or sanded (see below). The entire surface is seamless and no expansion joints are required.

                        Textured Finish                                               Smooth Sanded Finish

For further technical assistance, please contact your nearest Terraco representative.

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