Our Green Principles



A truly ecological product range!

Using the latest, advanced green technology, the Terraco EcoLife range has been developed to ensure we can offer products free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde and other potentially harmful emissions to our environmentally aware customers. These water based, solvent free, products contain specially developed polymers and additives that ensure their inertness and ecologically friendly nature. The EcoLife range of products surpasses the most stringent international and national regulations pertaining to interior decoration products.

EcoLife marking denotes that a product is part of the EcoLife range.

Some salient features and properties of the EcoLife range include:

    • EcoLife products have a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) level of less than 5g/l. No equivalent products currently on the market have a lower VOC level.
    • EcoLife products meets and surpasses national regulations for VOCs in interior decorative products:


  National VOC limits                  g/l
Europe                30 g/l
USA                50 g/l
South Korea                50 g/l


  • In Japan, one of the most demanding and developed markets, the 4 Star rating is given to paints with formaldehyde level below 0.12mg/l and 0.005 mg/m2/h. EcoLife products achieve this highest rating.
  • EcoLife complies with the 1st Class rating for formaldehyde content in Korea (< 0.03 mg/m2/h).
  • All EcoLife products are APEO-free in line with European regulations.
  • All EcoLife products comply with European limits for CIT/ MIT (15ppm limit).

The EcoLife® Range qualifies for the highest ratings under the most stringent criteria in the world!